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about Resand

On a journey to end waste sand

Earth is running out of sand, and it’s time to stop wasting the needed material behind much of our built world. Shortage of sand, increasing prices for virgin sand and tightening regulation for sand disposal require stopping the madness and closing the loop on sand management by regenerating sand.

resand lab worker preparing for test on bars made of compressed sand

Modern solution to a global problem

The modular sand reclaimer by Resand® cleans the used sand at your location, making sure you’ll never run out of sand. No need to dispose of sand at landfills anymore. We offer compact modular sand reclaimer units for foundries.

All this while reducing both CO2 emissions and costs.

Sand is engrained in our history and heritage

Hailing from Finland, Resand has transformed the way foundries manage sand and can close the loop on how sand is used and disposed of. The story of Resand begins with a long history and deep understanding of sand, set in a Finnish town Nuutajärvi. Once world famous and known for being the centre of leading glass blowing and design, sand now plays a different role here. This is where leading industry experts have come together to create the modular sand reclaimer, a simple and cost efficient way to reclaim sand after each use to keep using it over and over. Sand is like fine antique and design items, it gets better over time.

Our heritage goes back to 2013 when the journey of Resand began, but the knowledge and deep understanding of sand have resided in Nuutajärvi since 1793.

We marked our 10th anniversary with a celebration attended by our personnel, partners, customers, and owners in Nuutajärvi, Finland on Thursday, November 23, 2023. 

Take a look at the great party with the pictures below.

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If you would like to stop wasting sand - and significantly cut down costs and emissions, this is your sign to explore further and get in touch with us.


Our contact information can be found on our contact page.

A worker using Resand sand reclaimer