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Correction: Resand has signed a Sand As A Service agreement with Spanish foundry Fundiciones Palacio S.L. and will establish a service center in the Basque Country

Resand Oy            Press release                  28 November 2023 at 1:15 p.m. EET


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This is a correction to the press release of Resand Oy published on 28 November 2023 at 11.15 a.m. The annual casting capacity of Fundiciones Palacio has been corrected in the press release.

Below is the full text of the corrected press release.

Resand Oy, a Finnish technology company specializing in foundry sand regeneration and recycling, signed a 5-year cooperation agreement with the Spanish foundry Fundiciones Palacio on 3 November 2023. 

Resand’s service center for foundry sand regeneration in Bilbao will be completed in the second quarter of 2024, after which the SAAS (Sand As A Service) service agreement signed with Palacio will enter into force. The service center will provide Palacio with a fast, modular, and environmentally friendly solution that will reduce Palacio's investment needs and significantly lower its operating costs. In the future, Resand will also use the service center to test sands from other foundries in the Basque region.

Fundiciones Palacio S.L. is a family business founded in 1947, specializing in casting solutions for iron parts. The company has 65 employees and an annual casting capacity of 10,000 tons at its production facilities in Bilbao. Palacio's main customer sectors are the machine tool and steel industries.

"We want to be at the forefront of the foundry industry in the areas of environmental protection, sustainability, and efficiency, and increase the recycling rate of the sand we use. We are pleased to have found an innovative partner like Resand, with whom we are creating solutions that support our Green Foundry goal," says Leszek-Ander Klodzinski, CEO of Fundiciones Palacio.

"The foundry industry is looking for new sustainable solutions, as evidenced by our previous agreements with Siempelkamp, a global leader in hand moulding solutions in Germany, and voxeljet, a supplier of 3D printing solutions. With our patented sand regeneration technology and our innovative Resand® solution, we contribute to the foundry industry's green transition.  We are very proud to start our first commercial project now in Spain. Our aim is to revolutionize the use of sand in the foundry industry in Europe and beyond," says Kalle Härkki, CEO of Resand Oy.


Additional information:

Kalle Härkki, CEO
+358 40 513 3383

Roberto dos Santos, Business Development, Spain & Portugal
+351 931 74 3814

Resand Oy in brief

Sand suitable for industrial use is becoming scarce. However, the extraction of virgin sand can be reduced, and the resulting loss of biodiversity is slowed down by regenerating and reusing sand. Resand Oy is a Finnish technology company specializing in foundry sand regeneration, offering its customers clean sand as a service. The Resand® solution enables almost 100% recycling of foundry sand and reduces CO2 emissions from sand use and transport by up to 80%.

Resand Oy is headquartered in Nuutajärvi, Finland, and has staff in several European countries. The company aims to achieve strong growth in the European foundry market and to expand its business outside Europe.

The Resand® brings a solution to the global challenge by recycling sand - again and again and again.