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Finnish foundry industry moves towards a more sustainable future - Resand Oy to supply Peiron with a sand removal and recycling service

Resand Oy, Press release 13 June 2023 at 10.00 a.m. EEST


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Resand Oy, a Finnish technology company specialising in foundry sand regeneration, has signed an extension agreement for the regeneration and recycling of the sand used by Peiron Oy in its foundry at Resand Oy’s Nuutajärvi site.

Peiron Oy is an iron and steel foundry specialising in various types of steel and nodular iron based in Kokemäki, Finland. Peiron's customers are mainly Finnish machine builders, to whom the company supplies castings weighing 0.5-5 000 kg, both as single pieces and in series production.

The cooperation between Resand Oy and Peiron Oy started in 2019 as part of a joint project between Finnish foundries to test Resand Oy's regeneration technology for waste sand cleaning. Thanks to this innovative solution, the amount of waste sand generated in the foundry and the need for virgin sand were significantly reduced. The recycling rate of Peiron's sand use has improved to an estimated 85%.

"The service provided by Resand Oy is tried and tested. With the follow-up contract, sand regeneration and recycling will become part of Peiron's normal production process. We are keen to integrate environmental considerations into our production, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption. The sand removal and recycling service provided by Resand Oy supports us in these goals," says Ville Haataja, CEO of Peiron.

The ResandTM Sand As A Service (SAAS) solution offers sustainable savings compared to current practices in the foundry industry. Savings are achieved by reducing the need for virgin sand and the amount of waste sand. In addition, transport and energy costs are reduced. As the regeneration and recycling of used sand are offered as a service, it also reduces the capital tied up in foundry operations.

"At Resand Oy, we are proud to contribute to the green transition of the foundry industry with our patented technology and innovative service. The follow-up agreement with Peiron shows that domestic foundries have taken significant steps in the environmentally friendly treatment of sand. The foundry industry outside Finland is also looking for new sustainable solutions, as demonstrated by our previous agreement with Siempelkamp. I thank Peiron for their trust in us and for our long-standing cooperation," says Kalle Härkki, CEO of Resand Oy.

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Resand Oy

Sand suitable for industrial use is becoming scarce. However, the extraction of virgin sand can be reduced, and the resulting loss of biodiversity slowed down by regenerating and reusing sand. Resand Oy is a Finnish technology company specialising in foundry sand regeneration, offering its customers clean sand as a service. The ResandTM solution enables almost 100% recycling of foundry sand and reduces CO2emissions from sand use and transport by up to 80%.

Resand Oy is headquartered in Nuutajärvi, Finland, and has staff in several European countries. The company aims to achieve strong growth in the European foundry market and to expand its business outside Europe.

The ResandTM brings a solution to the global challenge by recycling sand - again and again and again.